Our Story

   Trace our roots and you’ll understand our passion for growing, and our deep concern for the success of the growers who trust our products.

     In the 1930’s our family members were growers in the Citrus industry in Central Florida and passed that down to today. When freezes pushed citrus South, they came to work in Hendry and Collier county.

     At the same time in the 30’s another part of our team’s family was involved in farming around Lake Okeechobee - Later moving in the early 50’s to Immokalee to continue farming and harvesting till the late 70’s. In the 80’s they became involved in Citrus growing on a small scale. That led to the foundation of our start.

     In the 80’s a small company was formed named “Safe Spray” as both sides saw the need for a return to plant and soil restoration by more natural growing methods. It turned out that the industry wasn’t quite ready. Our products were ahead of the curve at that time.

     -Restoring Microbial activity and using other products to condition the soil while aiding in the release of nutrients was perceived by many as snake oil. But as is the case with all good things the products never died.

     Development continued over the years with extensive testing. Slowly it became apparent that the problems faced in the farming industry would soon cause open minded growers to look in a different direction. Our association with a grower in the tree farming and ornamental business who held to the same core beliefs as us, helped by sharing information and confirmed that these products worked in every type of growing situation. The process was complete.

     Our products today are the result of over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience focused on Soil restoration, Plant health and immunity - Products Developed by Growers. 

And to put it simply - they work. AgMax was formed to ensure that you receive the benefit of that experience.

     Contact us - We will be glad to share more of our story with you.

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