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AG300 is designed to enhance the effectiveness of any product used in a spray program.

~  Aides in the generation of smaller,

 uniform spray droplets.

~  Resists post application evaporation, 

 and oxidation or reduction of the 

 spray product’s active ingredients.

~  Contains elements that allow spray

 products to “tag” onto the adjuvant

 for rapid intake into a plant’s system.

~  Aides in the adherence of 

 unabsorbed product solution to 

 treated surface areas for maximum


AG300 is a minimal cost safeguard to your spray investments, insuring optimal results for your money.

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ADVANTAGE is a chelated Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc source with a liquid biological N-P-K formulation designed for soil and/or foliar application.

~  To prevent and correct pre-existing Mg, Mn, and Zn deficiencies as indicated by plant leaf, visual and/or soil testing.
~  Provides a chelated source of micro nutrients, minerals, amino acids and microorganisms in a ph balanced package that allows rapid intake into leaves, stems and roots.
~  Gives the grower a unique ready to use package to use in spray rates without extensive mixing and complicated formulas. Just add the recommended amount of ADVANTAGE to buffered water agitate and spray.

ADVANTAGE is designed to strengthen trees and plants, while restoring the cellular immune response of the plant, providing needed amino acids.

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MAGNUM-XTRA is a soil amending, premium blend of biological enhancers and activated soil conditioning acids. It provides the nutritional boost you need and soil moisture retention enhancing micro-nutrient uptake with no adverse side effects that are often encountered with synthetic fertilizers. 


~  Energize the biological life of the soil, increasing availability of both existing and applied nutrients. 

~  More efficient utilization of inputs; Increased uptake energizes plant.

~  Enhances uptake of N, P, and K.

~  Soil microorganisms help plants obtain otherwise unavailable nutrients, by converting these into plant available form exchange for energy from their host. Otherwise know as Mode of Action (MOA) Puts life back in the soil and aides in breakdown and release of nutrients. 

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HF MAX is a liquid Humic and Fulvic acid concentrate that is a soil conditioner designed to aid in breaking down organic matter. It increases moisture in your soil.

~ Quality blend of Humic and Fulvic acid and trace minerals

~ Powerful organic electrolyte to balance and energize cells. 

~ Incredibly powerful absorbent detoxifier 

~ Unique capacity to dissolve insoluble materials releasing insoluble reserves to reduce fertilizer costs for minerals like Potassium, Calcium and Iron. 

~ Highly efficient chelating agent. Translates into improved uptake of all nutrients and moisture.

~ Enhances cell division and elongation. Root cell division is magnified. 

~ Seed treatment with HF Max can be  very productive. 

~ A unique balance of Long, Medium and Short chain carbons.

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AG MAX EDGE is a chelated Magnesium, Maganese, Zinc, source with a liquid biological N-P-K formulation designed for soil and/or foliar application.

~ Designed to assist growers with common fertility issues that show up on most soil and tissue tests. Adequate sulfur levels are important for Chlorophyll production and in the metabolism of nitrogen.

These anti-oxidant compounds strengthen the plant's immune system and its ability to defend itself from environmental stresses. A complementary NPK and minors package aimed to support in the production of chlorophyll with adequate iron levels to keep our plants green and productive throughout the growing season.

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BARK & BERRIES is a specialty fertilizer solution designed to supplement and amend soils where pine bark is used.

This includes: 

~ Container grown ornamentals

~ Fruit Tree Nurseries

~ Commercial Blueberry Production 

Ideally Bark & Berries would be applied shortly after planting and prior to top dress applications of granule fertilizer.

~ The unique carbon components in Bark & Berries will hold nutrients and add organic matter to perform similar to potting soils of the past.

~ These soils had a high percentage of peat moss that is not economically viable today.

~ Soil applications are recommended but good success can be obtained with Foliar sprays.

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DKP is a zero Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous solution made with Stabilized Enriched Potassium derived from di-potassium phosphate known for its anti-stress related properties. Made with a proprietary process resulting in an unique emulsion based formulation that along with the surfactant, allows the product to penetrate the soil and remain available to the plant without soil tie up. The proprietary organic acid makes this an environmentally-friendly solution. This is a true carbon based, high efficiency nutritional plant product.

~ Delivers performance with simplicity.

~  Liquid formula allows for easy application.

~  Long-term turf and plant nutrient uptake for the ultimate in plant health.

C CAL 14


C-Cal 14 is an acid reacted Calcium source complexed with the CPlexx polymer for maximum protection against soil tie up, making it highly plant available. Added Mannitol for and additional complexing and carbon to enhance soil biological systems. C-Cal 14 is immediately available to the plant. Silica and Boron additions make this the most plant utilized Calcium product available.

~ Low use rates.

~ High ionic Calcium for maximum roots.

~ Silica for enhanced resistance to plant stress conditions.

~ Boron to aid in Calcium uptake in the plant.

~ Mannitol aids in Calcium availability and adds carbon inputs for increased biological activity in the soil.



ROOT MAX is a high efficiency Phosphorous nutritional product. Supplying the energy for early growth, yield and resistance to stress. Stabilized enriched Potassium and enhanced Phosphorous efficiency. 

~ True stabilized Potassium for maximum moisture management and nutrient transport.

~ Increased root mass, stress resistance and crop yield.

~ Liquid formula allows for easy application through injection.



This combination of Calcium, Phosphorous, and Potassium in ionic form together in an easy to use solution is unique in plant nutrition. Calcium and Phosphorous in nature is taken up simultaneously as Calcium Phosphate at the root level. 

~ Delivers performance with simplicity.

~ Liquid formula allows for easy application.

~ Long-term turf and plant nutrient uptake for the ultimate in plant health.